• Welcome to Langenium

    A web-based airship MMORPG in a 3D sci-fi setting.

    This site is currently under construction.

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  • Game trailer

    Take to the skies in your airship and hunt pirates

    Langenium will offer various mission-based and random combat experiences

    Watch the game trailer
  • Factions

    There are three factions in the game

    • The Kingdom of Winthrom

    • Al-Alazaar

    • The Union

  • Storyline trailer

    Langenium is set on the water planet Ibidan following the destruction of Earth 200 years ago.

    This storyline will play a large part in the single player campaigns.

    Watch the storyline trailer

Play Langenium

Langenium will eventually use OpenID and Facebook for sign-in.

For now, give the test demo a spin.

W Forward A Left
S Back D Right
Space Up Shift Down
X Enter\Exit Ship
Mouse-Scroll Zoom
Left-Click Hold Fire
Right-Click Hold Rotate View
Launch game

Requires Google Chrome or Firefox. Opera and IE currently don't support THREEJS

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